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Eggcellent Creations Egg Timer

Eggcellent Creations Egg Timer

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Perfect Eggs Every Time!

The Eggcellent Creations Egg Timer is the easiest way to get perfectly boiled eggs made eggzactly to your liking with eggstreme ease. 


No More Setting a Timer: Simply drop the egg timer in the water and easily see when the eggs are ready to go

Easy To Clean: The quickest rinse under cold water and it's clean, with its pefectly smooth rounded surface the cleaning process is a breeze 

Anyone can use it: So simple to use the family can cook their own breakfast


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ K. A. Newton

This is the third "EGG" I have bought.

I have got to the age where I forget where I have put things and so bought my second egg having lost the first (found again later).
This third egg has been bought for a neighbour as part of a Christmas present.
Before I start this review I have to mention I live near Manchester in Lancashire and our water is very soft.
I usually buy medium size eggs, large size eggs take a little longer so I let the cream/white line get just past the line for soft eggs if the eggs are large.
On using both of my own timers THERE HAS NEVER BEEN ANY CHEMICAL SMELL whatsoever so perhaps this is because other people's water is hard.
I put cold water in my pan then put the eggs in and the timer.
I then bring the water to the boil, every so often I turn the gas down so I can look at the timer. A cream/white colour commences around the edges of the timer moving inwards. If you use eletricity you will have move the pan off the heat for a moment.
If you want soft eggs you must remove the eggs as soon as the cream/white border reaches the line for soft.
Don't leave the eggs in the hot water off the heat while you get other things ready as the eggs will continue to cook.
I discovered this the first time I used the timer.
The second time I had beautiful boiled egg and soldiers.
Someone else has mentioned putting the timer in cold water while it was still hot and finding that it cracked. Luckily each time I have used the timer I have turned the heat off and scooped the eggs out of the pan and left the timer in the water in the pan which of course cooled down gradually.
Looking at the egg timer out of the water the line for SOFT looks almost on the edge of the "walls" of the egg. If you look at the timer when it is in water from above you can clearly see the first line which is for Soft eggs.

I say again - A brilliant invention.


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