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PuttRoyale - New Golf Battle Royale

PuttRoyale - New Golf Battle Royale

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Prove Your Golfing Prowess With A Fun Golf Battle With Friends!

Get ready for an epic golfing experience like no other with a fun game of PuttRoyale! Compete against your buddies and show off your putting skills with this simple yet challenging activity.

The PuttRoyale comes with a vibrant scoring mat with a golf green printed out on its face. Whoever gets their ball closest to the hole scores the most points!


✅Fun Game - The PuttRoyale is designed with vibrant colors, featuring a central goal and various obstacles to add an extra layer of challenge. It will surely bring the vibe and energy up in any room.

✅A Party Favorite - Achieve Victory! Have fun competing with your friends and family. Take turns aiming your balls towards the marked scoring area to earn points and claim the victory.

✅Cool Accessories - The PuttRoyale serves a dual purpose, functioning not only as a golf tool but also as a toss game toy. Its portability and ease of storage make it a popular choice for kids to set up independently.

✅Premium Materials - The PuttRoyale boasts a durable fabric construction with a sticky texture, delivering a realistic putting green experience for players. Furthermore, the balls are both sturdy and soft, ensuring that walls and indoor fixtures remain unscathed even during intense gameplay.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fam5steph

Very good quality mat & balls. I see a lot of battling for chipping bragging rights….and the cat thinks it’s cool, too. Only thing I wish it included was a carrying bag for balls and green, but honestly it’s fine. We will get a lot of fun times with it just in time for summer!

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